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Before getting into the details of how Smule Downloader works lets get an insight into what Smule is. Smule Sing is an online karaoke app which helps you record smule videos of your favourite karaoke songs online either solo or in the form of smule duets or smule groups. Unfortunately Smule doesn’t provide the facility to download your favourite smule karaoke recordings and it can be only streamed online after which it expires within a year of your smule sing karaoke recording if you do not have a VIP account.

This is where Smule downloader comes to the rescue. Smule Downloader extracts the data of the Smule video url provided by you and converts it into mp4 format which can easily be downloaded by you to your mobile, PC, tablet or android. Thus with Smule Downloader by your side you can continue recording videos of your favourite music tracks with smule sing karaoke and concurrently downloading them with our Smule Downloader to be able to relive your memories.

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How does Smule Downloader Work?

Want a hassle free experience to save smule videos offline from your favorite Smule Sing karaoke app? Well, worry not! Smule Downloader can solve your problem in a jiffy and it is just a click away! Follow these three simple steps and happy downloading!

Step 1

After logging in to your smule account, select the smule karaoke recording you would want to download. After the link opens up in a new tab, hover the mouse over the link circled in yellow in the image above and click on this Copy Link icon.

Step 2

After the smule video url has been copied, right click your mouse to paste the url right here in the above text box and hit the Download button next to it.

Step 3

Right Click on the Download button select Save Link As from the options to get your video downloading started.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What to do if I bump into the error page inspite of providing the correct smule video download link?

We would request you to try downloading the smule video after a couple of minutes.

  • Where do the downloaded videos get saved?

After you click on the Download button the pop up dialog box on your machine will ask you for your desired path where you would like to save it and you can save accordingly.

  • Why is my smule video not getting downloaded?

There might be a list of probable reasons behind this issue:

  • The link which has been copied might be incorrect or a broken link.
  • The copied link of the smule video that you want to download might have expired
  • The copied link might contain a still image and not a video.
    • How do I download smule videos on a mobile phone?

    After you have clicked on the smule video you would want to download click on the Share link which further opens up a list of social media platforms to share the selected video. Keep scrolling through them horizontally till you get the option Copy Link Click on the icon whcih copies the link to your clipboard and then paste it on our website to get your Smule video downloaded smoothly and hassle free.

    smuledownloader.net is offcially not associated with Smule. It does not host or entertain any pirated or copyright content on its server and all the videos that are downloaded are done directly from their CDN servers on to the respective user's machine. smuledownloader.net © 2018. All Rights Reserved.